At PDT, we are especially good at the complete machining of complex parts in one clamping process. Decisive here are know-how, meticulous craftsmanship and technical perfection. To this end, PDT has a highly qualified staff and a diverse machine park that is always state of the art.

Machine park
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Machine park

The latest automatic lathes and processing machines for milling, punching, form grinding, and vibratory grinding give us a high production depth and guaranteed precision in series production. To achieve this, the machine park at PDT includes:

  • CNC INDEX multi-spindle machines up to 32 mm
  • INDEX multi-spindle machines up to 25 mm, cam-controlled and equipped with auxiliary equipment such as equipment for spindle braking, plain turning, back drilling, cross drilling, synchronising, aligning and switching, cross tapping, polygonal machining and cross milling
  • CNC INDEX ABC, C100 and GB 30-65 automatic lathes for turning and machining, including even more extensive complete machining
  • Cam-controlled, single-spindle INDEX automatic lathes
  • Pfiffner Hydromat automatic indexing tables

Other machining possibilities in cooperation with proven firms include deep-hole drilling, cylindrical and centreless grinding, lapping, honing, hardening, galvanising and burnishing.

Turning / Materials / Batch sizes
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Turning / Materials / Batch sizes

On our modern automatic lathes, we machine even the most complicated geometries

  • Bar parts to ø 65 mm
  • Chucked parts to ø 250 mm
  • C-axis, Y-axis, B-axis as well as counter spindle
  • Up to 40 tools within a machine

For your turned parts, we handle all machinable materials

  • General steels and stainless steels
  • Non-ferrous metals (brass, bronze, copper, etc.)
  • Light metals
  • Titanium and special alloys
  • Plastics (POM-C, PEEK, etc.)

Batch sizes

Maximum economy is achieved at PDT particularly in the area of medium- and large-series productions of complex precision turned parts.

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At PDT we leave nothing to chance, but rather always offer our customers controlled quality. We produce according to the "zero error principle". Every production step is inspected, logged and released by the responsible employee.

Test facilities

  • Air-conditioned measurement room
  • Micrometers and gauges, digital display of 0.001 mm, for inner and outer measurements
  • B√ľ-Fix testing device, display of 0.0001 mm, for outer measurements
  • Profile projector
  • Surface roughness measuring instrument

Our commitment is documented through certification acc. to ISO 9001:2015